Before you engage in social media, search engine optimization (SEO), or email marketing, developing a content marketing strategy is the first step. What is the goal of your campaign? Where do you get the information to share?

Content marketing develops your brand into an authority in your area of expertise. It’s not about outbound marketing (print ads, tradeshows, commercials, etc.) alone anymore, it’s about attracting and then engaging the right audience. It’s about content that encourages an “action.”

Which of these goals should your content be promoting?

Brand Awareness?
Customer Retention/Loyalty?
Upselling or cross-selling to your current customer?
Customer Service?

Let’s face it, finding valuable information is tedious and exhausting. There is too much out there, and who is the trusted source?

Think of Content Driven Solutions as your content curator. We will seek, collect, and share on a continuous basis the most relevant content in your industry, and always in accordance to your inbound marketing goals. Using our marketing and content tools & knowledge, we make this task seamless for you by following these steps:

1) Target the Audience(s)
2) Find engaging and relevant content, along with original content development
3) Implement the social platforms that make sense for your business
4) Implement the scheduling
5) Review the metrics as a team