Security concept: Spam on airport board backgroundIn an era of information overload and overcrowded inboxes, your immediate response is most likely a resounding “NO.” Let’s face it, spamming has left an indelible mark on how we view “promotional” emails. In addition, people don’t buy a product on the first impression delivered to their inbox, right?

However,  think about building relationships, maintaining consistency, advocacy, and customer retention. Apply those ideals to your email campaign, along with consistent A/B testing, and you may have yourself a valuable communication tool to reach your targeted audience.

CDS can design, send, and measure the effectiveness and open rates of product announcement emails, advocacy newsletters, drip campaigns, and auto-responders. Here’s how:

  1. Determine the GOAL of the email campaign
  2. Segment recipient lists
  3. Develop relevant and brief content (people read a resounding HALF of their emails. And the ones they read, they scan 80% of it. If your email doesn’t fit their need, into the trash it goes!)
  4. Integrate opt-in forms across all digital marketing platforms
  5. Set timing and frequency
  6. Send and measure, measure, measure!